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Crude Solvent

Product Description

We are into the buying and selling and importing and exporting of Crude Solvents, Carbon Tetrachloride in bulk quantities on regular basis. We are capable of making deal for any amount of these chemicals for anywhere domestically or internationally at a very short notice. This qualitatively superior and price wise competitive chemical is a prize dealing for us.

We can supply crude & Distilled  solvents like Acetone, Acid acid, Butyl acetate, chlorofoam, ethyl acetate, methyl acetate, IPA, Toluene, EDC,MDC,TCE, VAM, NMP, ACN,THF,MEK,   Xylene, Hexene, Methanol, paint wash solvents, Burning solvents, Furnace oil, Pesticide items,Fatty acids, PVA powder.

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